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Electronic Squirrel Control | New T3-R Squirrel, Rodent Repeller



NEW T3-R Repeller to Chase Squirrels, Mice, Rats and Other Unwanted Animals out of Your Property

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DUET-SONIC Repeller to Chase Squirrels and Other Unwanted Animals out of Your Property!

The newly developed Duet sonic technology allows the Ultra-Duet Pest Repeller emitting ultrasonic waves from two different sound systems simultaneously to deter and keep Squirrels and unwanted animals away from your home, garden, lawns, yard, and any property.

The Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller emits 100% auto-changing, auto-sweeping intensive frequency from 20,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz to cause those affected animals uncomfortable but get out of the protected area.  The sounds from Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller are not physically harmful to the animals.  They are unique and powerful sounds – two different sound sources over lapping. No adjustment required at all, just face the machine to the direction you want to keep pests, animals, insects off.

Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller protects an area of approximately 230 square meters (2,000 square feet) of unobstructed space in a fan shape outdoors, with a radius of 17 meters in a 90 degrees arc.  Thanks to the feature of electric operation, the device can protect your property constantly after plugged-in day and night. Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller comes with a main unit, an adaptor, 5.5 meter extension cord and a specially designed mounting shelter.  It is suitable for outdoor or indoor installation.  For indoor usage, the effective range will be up to 468 – 545 unobstructed square meters unobstructed.

You may mount the Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller to the wall outside of your building, on a ledge or attach it to a post.  A red LED will be on after plugging in to indicate the device working properly.  Although the unit is weather-resistant, it is recommended to remove the machine if storms or heavy rain are expected.  The machine is of low power consumption, 1 ½ watts.  It is suggested to plug-in the unit constantly for 24 hours protection unless pets and/or children playing around the protection area or when turning off is a must.


1.        Mount the shelter and the main unit between 30 and 40 centimeters from the ground to a post or wall.  There is no need to use the extension cord if the unit is to be mounted less than 150 cm from the main socket.

2.        Connect the extension cord and adaptor with the main unit.

3.        After plugging in the adaptor, the red LED indicator will be on to indicate the Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller is operating properly.

4.        Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller can be installed indoors for area needs intensive protection.


- Do not immerse the Ultra-Duet Pestrepeller in water or any other liquid.

- Remove the whole unit when a storm or heavy rain is expected.

- Turn off the device by pulling out the adaptor if pets or children are playing around the protected area, or in any case required to avoid disturbing.  The reason is the unique and ultra powerful sounds emission.

- Do not modify or tamper with the unit’s internal components.


Dimension                   : 140 x 122 x 110 m/m

Weight                        : 275 g (excluding adaptor & extension cord)

Power Supply              : 100 – 240 VAC, 60/50 cycles, Output: 9VDC

Power Consumption    : 1 ½ watt

Frequency Range        :20,000 Hz – 65,000 Hz

Output Sound Pressure: 130 dB

Effective Range           : approx. 230 square meters unobstructed


HENRI COHEN 07/19/2023

chase Squirrels, Mice, Rats

perfect device

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Electronic Squirrel Control | New T3-R Squirrel, Rodent Repeller

Electronic Squirrel Control | New T3-R Squirrel, Rodent Repeller

NEW T3-R Repeller to Chase Squirrels, Mice, Rats and Other Unwanted Animals out of Your Property

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